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Data Policy

Cookie policy

SCDB use cookies for functionality, which are essential for the use of the website. These cookies are the "essential cookies" you can choose in the pop-up window concerning cookies. These cookies are necessary for the website to work properly, and for you to be able to use it. SCDB only use other cookies to examine the traffic on the website. The traffic is examined to find out how many people are visiting the webpage, which pages that are visited and what links are most clicked on. This is done to optimize the user experience. SCDB does not share this data with third parties.

Registration of data

At any time, all signed on units are able to draw a report with their own data from the Smoking Cessation Database online self-service registration application. Furthermore, the units have access to their own raw data - also from the self-service application. At least once a year, the secretariat will publish an online report.

At any time, users can have their data erased from the webpage and the database.

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