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The Smoking Cessation Database is a database gathering information on smoking cessation interventions offered to smokers by hospitals, pharmacies, municipalities and any other person or organisation working with a preventive aim.

The aim of the database is to offer the cessation units an external documentation and evaluation of their smoking cessation services in order to assess and improve the quality.

By joining the Smoking Cessation Database your knowledge and experience will enter the material load that constitutes the basis for planning smoking cessation services in the future.

The Smoking Cessation Database has proved essential and of crucial importance to:

  • Assisting health professionals in their daily practice

  • Monitoring quality

  • Facilitating evaluation of programmes (quit and relapse)

The Smoking Cessation Database

Who can join?

All organizations or people providing smoking cessation interventions can join the Smoking Cessation Database and have their data registered in the database.

Danish website

To view the danish website of The Smoking Cessation Database, click here.

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